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    This turned out to be a little longer than I intended (sorry). There are
three reasons I see for not always displaying all this information you
mention. 1) multiple list confusion, 2) employer "non-disclosure" issues, 3)
lab rivalries. Explanations follow ...
    I am in a vast number of mailing lists. I also go by a few different
aliases (Historic reenactment or Role playing). So I think it would be
distracting to those who receive responses on those lists to always see the
name of a hospital that did not exist in the 1400s in France. And confusing
for you all to hear me refer to myself as Christoffel d'Allaines sur Comte
in this forum (Amos Brooks is a name that is not documentable for that time
    Also, John, as your own signature states. Not all the statements you
make reflect those of your employer. Taken a step farther it is feasible
that an employer would not want someone saying where they were from. I have
gotten grumbled at for "giving trade secrets" by simply explaining one of
our procedures on the Histonet. I laughed it off and do it anyway, but I can
imagine an employer really causing a problem over this.
    I have spoken with someone from a reference lab who listed her work info
in a signature line. There was a person from another lab who had a beef
(problem) with that lab so without even knowing the person or what she had
to say ripped her up on and off the list just because of the lab she worked
in. Every time she posted anything this person got nasty. She stopped using
a tag line and opened a new e-mail still using the same name but a different
IP address (no longer or and the troll left
her alone.
    There are a multitude of reasons that people do not use tag lines I am
merely listing a few. If someone sounds knowledgeable they probably are
giving sound advice especially if they post frequently. Research every bit
of advice you might intend to use. A person can give questionable advice
weather or not they have a tag line, as has just been shown with this last
escapade. My solution ... If you really want to know ... ASK. I see no
reason to hide my identity, nor do I see any to advertise it either.
Amos Brooks

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> I think the point here is that people should properly and completely
> identify themselves by using a signature that includes their affiliation,
> job title, and any contact information they care to give. I like to know
> I'm replying to and using a screen name and an ISP address does not give
> that information.
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