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Thanks for the answer, it is more important in the sections in which I only
have one half of the brainstem. Isn't there a single identifiable nucleus on
one side? Is the Solitary Nucleus bilateral?



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> On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Anila Syed wrote:
> > > section. On a slide stained with cresyl violet, are there any visible
> > > differences between the right and left sides of the brainstem? i.e. in
> > > slides where I only have half a section, can I tell if I am looking at
> > > right or left side of the brain?
> The question makes good sense, and I'm pretty sure
> the answer is No, you can't tell left from right
> by looking, unless there's some known abnormality
> on one side. It's usual to make a little mark,
> such as a nick, on one side of such a specimen
> before sectioning. Otherwise L and R are mirror
> images With free-floating frozen sections
> (which can be collected either way up) there's
> not even regularity in orientation on the slide,
> such as you get with sections of embedded tissue.
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