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Dear Jim,

DITTO!  We are having the same exact problems with our latest shipments of
DuraEdge.  It is happening on all of our microtomes:  Our Leitz, Leica,
Reichert, Microm.  We have been having a real time of it--I also will be
calling DuraEdge to file a complaint!

Beth Poole
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Woodstock, VA  22664
fax: (540)459-8217
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Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 1:57 PM
Subject: Dura Edge Blades

> Our institute is in the process of trying to find a reason for the poor
> sectioning we have started to experience, after receiving a new shipment
> dura edge blades. The trouble sectioning is not isolated to just one tech
> the whole histology section is having problems. There has been no change
> any of our processing. The lot number we are having a problem with is 1135
> 003, 1135 006, 1135 007, and 1135 008. I have been sectioning tissue for
> plus years so the answer to everybody first question is yes I have tried
> adjusting the angel and while this helps a little the blades do not seem
> hold an edge and I am going thru about twice the normal amount of blades I
> usually use. We have send one shipment back and the story from the
> distributor is "No one else is having any problems with our blades." They
> replaced the shipment with the same lot numbers and we continue to have
> same problems
>                                           Thank you in advance
>                                     James L. Ball
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