Re: Dura Edge Blades

From:jeff crewsw <>

Do you happen to have ANY blades from another lot number or manufacturer laying around? If so, how do they cut?
You can also take your knife holder apart and make sure that there is no wax/trash down in there keeping you from clamping the knife securely. That mostly causes chatter, though.
As a check on the blades themselves, have you looked at them microscopically? A higher-powered dissecting scope is best, but you can look at the silhouette of the edge at high power on a standard brightfield microscope. It's sort of unorthodox, but it does work. This is most informative if you have other, better blades to compare them with.
And finally, the manufacturer should be giving you better support. At least new lot numbers to try, certainly.

Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)

> Our institute is in the process of trying to find a reason for the poor 
> sectioning we have started to experience, after receiving a new shipment of 
> dura edge blades. 

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