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I sent no enclosure ... pleading innocent again
Amos Brooks
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Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001 8:06 PM

> Your email message has been blocked because the Histonet server has
> an enclosure in your message. Please read the instructions below to
> this and then try again to post your message.
> "Enclosures" are the same as "attachments" or "attached files" and there
are a
> number of ways that they may be present in your email message:
> First:  Check your email program. Some like Netscape Messenger and
> Outlook Express and other
> programs automatically attach little enclosures to email messages. These
> are supposed to authenticate that the message was really sent by whoever
> their name on it. A security feature, but an unnecessary one. You should
> able to delete this.
> Microsoft Outlook is set up to send email as an attachment unless the
> are changed.
> To fix the problem on Microsoft Outlook express:
> 1) go into address book.
> 2) select histonet and click right hand button of mouse.
> 3) select properties.
> 4)at the base of this screen, there is a tick box that needs to be ticked,
> reads "send E-Mail using plain text only."
> Some other email systems require similar changes.
> Other ideas to check:
> 1. You might have put enclosures in your mail by attaching a picture or
> file using a menu choice like "Insert file".
> 2. There might be graphics in your email template, either in the page
> design or signature, avoid using any html encoding options.
> 3. If you are sending using a web browser you may be sending
> embedded files without knowing it.
> 4. If you are sending via a word processor, the output may well be
> bundled as a simple (just header and signature) email with the word
> processor document file attached to it.
> There are good reasons why attached files should not go over the
> histonet: they can be very large and word processor files can transmit
> macro viruses, to name but two. We've actually blown out servers all over
> having a large attachment go out over the net!
> Good luck!
> If you have problems which you cannot solve please contact
> Linda Margraf, Histonet administrator at
> Thank you.

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