From:"D. Harclerode" <dharclerode@targetprotein.com>

Dear Otis
I  used PharMingen anti Rat ICAM, CD54 (cat #22491 clone aA29) for formalin
fixed paraffin tissues with great results.  I used citrate microwave
pretreatment with overnight 4o primary incubation (2.5ug/ml in Dako
diluent), biotin anti ms from Jackson Immunoresearch secondary (1:200 in
Dako diluent, 30 min, then LSAB from Dako (labeled strepavidin biotin) 30
min and Dako DAB 1-5 min.  Counterstain 1 dip in Gill 1, blue. Dehydrate,
clear and coverslip.  When I detected with FITC, RITC or Cy3 I increased the
concentration to 5ug/ml.

Good luck

Donna Harclerode, HT, (ASCP) HTL, QIHC
Target Protein Technologies
San Diego CA 92121

Date: 22 Jun 2001 13:09:38 -0500
> From: Otis Lyght <lyght@ciit.org>
> Subject:
> Hello to All
> Is anyone out there doing ICAM-1 IHC in rat lung? Would like to get some
> feedback on source of antibody, antibody clone, antigen retrieval methods,
> etc. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
> Otis Lyght
> Otis Lyght HT (ASCP)
> CIIT Centers For Health Research
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> 6 Davis Dr.
> Research Triangle Pk, NC 27709
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