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Lynn,  We do slides for 7 different labs.  We do count them separately on a
daily basis so I can track the workload from each facility and see if there
is a change.  As for the overall workload, all the facilities are added
together.  I did an excel worksheet to help me out.

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		Hi all,
			We have three different Labs that we cut the blocks
for. My question is do
		we really need to count them all separately? or can they be
		together? When asked about workload I always tell the total
of all three.
		All blocks are cut by my techs, all slides are prepared by
my techs, all
		slides are read by our pathologists. The slides from two of
them are
		ultimately returned to their respective offices to be filed.

		Thanks in advance,

		Lynn Dize
		Morgan's Mom,
		Histology Supervisor
		Piedmont Hospital
		Atlanta, GA.


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