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Hi Gayle, can the cryostat cut through the bones of an intact animal?

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> We looked into this last year. A Leica sales rep, a lady, gave me the name
> of a company who could whole mouse frozen sections (not autoradiography).
> After pricing Leica macrocryostat to the tune of $150,000 plus that takes
> up vast lab space, we tried finding a contract lab. Now here is the bad
> news, this would have cost us something like $20,000/mouse
> (probably more!)
> for serial sections.  You can call Leica for information on purchasing a
> large cryostat, and reach her.  She should be able to come up with a
> contract lab.  Sorry, don't have her name handy.
> There is a group in Minnesota who tracked injected enzyme
> labelled cells in
> a live mouse - not sure exactly how they did this, antibody? onto
> CD4/CD8??
>  (probably could do enzyme conj antibodies/your protocol) inject a
> substrate that lights up, a chemiluminescent endpoint, and view the whole
> body with a CCD camera.  The camera was probably cheaper than big cryostat
> OR contract work, plus you could probably do more experimentation with the
> animal.  It was totally elegant as is many modern technology technics! We
> are still considering a camera.
> Good luck.
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