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first, Have you looked at the calculations used to get the $42 figure? 

second, there was an article in a very recent Journal of Histotechnology
that went into detail on costs of IHC.

third, since the optimax is an open system you can use any reagents you
want. Look for cheaper reagents (if you are happy with the staining on the
optimax it certainly wouldn't make any sense to lose money by dumping it and
buying a different machine at higher cost!).

fourth, Every other system is similar in reagent use as far as I can tell
(we have DAKO and Optimax). Although the Ventana can use a smaller amount
than the others, that seems to be offset by the cost of their proprietary
detection system.

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From: Mary Bryhan [mailto:mbryhan@NORTHERNHEALTH.ORG]
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Subject: IHC stainers

Hi to all.... looking at cost per test and reliability factors on IHC

Our manager says that we are spending something like $42/test (hard to
believe) with the BioGenex Optimax... looking at the possibility of going to
a different system; any suggestions?

Also we are a Prefer fixative user... if anyone else has experience with IHC
on Prefer fixed tissues, please give me some feedback.

Mary Bryhan HT (ASCP)
Northern Michigan Hospital
Petoskey, Michigan

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