Macrophage marker

From:Jeff Silverman <>

Louri- You could try factor XIIIa, a marker for stromal macrophages> I know
that MAC 387 will not stain the FXIIIa+ macrophages, only immune active
macrophages. FXIIIa+ cells are involved in stromal remodelling and repair,
neoplasia,  and morphogenesis and also pahgocytosis in various conditions, I
use 1:400 of the Calbiochem rabbit anti human FXIIIa in PBS with 1% BSA,
antigen retrieval with Sigma trypsin tablet at 37 degrees C for fifteen to
thirty minute on FFPE. I tried it on some canine hemangiopericytomas and it
worked. Let me know.
Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore, NY

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