How would you detect the Y chromosome

From:"Patterson, Noelle (NIDDK)" <>

Hello All,

Our lab is embarking on some transplant studies where we would like to prove
the origin of certain cell types.  They will transplant male donor tissue
into a female 
recipient and determine (by Y chromosome or male antigen) if donor tissue
was able to differentiate into other tissue (like beta cells of the
pancreas, fibroblasts, blood vessels, etc.).  Primarily the work will be
done in mice (HY antigen) or monkey (Y chromosome: Cyno's and macaques).  I
am looking for ways (read an experimental assay; the simpler the better) to
detect "male" cells.  Though our preference is histologic detection, any and
all approaches are being considered.
Any guidance is welcome.

Now, I know there is room here for "off the topic" responses.  Keep them to
a minimum; but remember Good Humor is always a happy addition to my day.

As always, "Thank You" in advance for your help.

Noelle Patterson
Bethesda, MD   20889-5603 

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