Herpesvirus IHC

From:"Dr. Willie H. Bingham" <wbingham@mvdl.state.ms.us>

1. I am trying to do some work on deciphering the pathogenesis of catfish
herpesvirus. I am used to reading H&E tissue sections of 5 microns in width.
I have heard through the grapevine that for immunostaining, 3 or 4 micron
thick sections work better for IHC than the 5 micron sections. Is this true?

2. Is zinc formalin a better fixative than formalin or bouins for virus IHC?
I've heard that zinc formalin causes less cross linking.

3. Of the antigen release methods (steaming, microwaving and enzyme
digestion), which one is best for viral IHC?

Thanks in advance,


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