DuraEdge problem

From:Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories <histosci@shentel.net>

Dear Histonetters,

I received a telephone call today from a gentleman that works for DuraEdge
named Bill Williams.  He explained the DuraEdge problem to me.  He assured
me that they are going to great lengths to fix these problems.  They have
basically scrapped all of there glassware, Teflon, and any other things in
there plant they deemed a possible contamination.
    As for where blades are actually made and by whom, the following info
was given to me: the steel blade is made by a manufacturer that makes blades
for many different companies.  However, DuraEdge, AccuEdge, etc. treat the
blades with their own coating making each brand different from one another.
This is not to say that DuraEdge and AccuEdge steel is manufactured in the
same plant, but some brands are made side by side one another.  Anyway,
kudos to DuraEdge for admitting they have a problem and going to such
lengths to try and solve it.  They are sending us a new batch of blades to
try---I'll let everyone know how they work.

-Tom Galati
Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
137 South Main Street
Woodstock, VA  22664
fax: (540)459-8217

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