Canizarro reacdtion.

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    Your cells must have been getting a light breath of the fixative as a
fair bit of it would be fixing the buffering solution. Ok, I've done things
like that myself and got reasonable results, strange thing fixation.
Question: Did you ever measure the osmotic strength of the solutions.

As a student I mixed up MOPS-buffered tissue culture medium.  Since its pKa
is below 7.4, it efficiently resists the acidification that most tissue
culture media
undergo in room air as the CO2 is lost.  We did try EM fixatives which
MOPS or complete medium, and got good results.

Hal Hawkins, UTMB Galveston

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        Like you I was a bit startled by "MOPS-buffered Ringer."  I think
the offending lab must be using Ringer as a generic term for all
physiological saline solutions. Unless of course they are using a mixture of
Ringer and MOPS. Now, I'd like to know the osmotic strength of that
solution. Then, being a broken down physiologist, have a look at the effect
of this solution when compared with a "real" physiological saline solution.
Afterwards, what effects has this solution had on the ultrastructure.

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