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      Wanted to let everyone know that we have cleared up the problem we had 
with the Dura Edge blades. I was contacted by a Mr.Bill Williams with 
Cresant Manufacturing and ask if I would contact him and explain  what we 
were experiencing. When I called he told me that he had received several 
messages concerning the blades, and the company went about trying to 
duplicate the problem in their QA section, but were unable to find a problem 
with the blades. Now hold on to your hats you will not believe what he did 
next. The man actually put on a flack jacket and a steel pot and visited the 
troops on the front lines, and found there was
a definite problem. with in 48 hours the problem was corrected and we had 
the new and improved blades in hand and ready to do battle.
      I had never used the Dura Edge blades before this point in time, but 
after I had some experience with them I highly recommend them, especially in 
light of how quickly the problem was taken care of, We were not relegated to 
making desperate pleas to our vendor. We were taken care of by the 
      When I first posted this message I receive several notes on how I 
might over come the problem by trying different techniques, and there was 
only one that I totally disagreed with and my rebuttal to the suggestion is 
"There is no such thing as to having to much money, a car to fast,  a girl 
to pretty, or a knife to sharp". Please in the name of of every thing holy 
keep the eraser for mistakes on paper. Do not make the mistake of using them 
to dull blades.
       Thank you again Mr. Williams
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