tissue Tek II stainer jars-summary

From:Jerry Chi-Yuan Hu <ragnarok@ruf.rice.edu>

Hello Everyone,

A big thanks to everyone who replied so quickly on where I can get the
staining jars!  My original posting follows the summary of replies:

Kris Wright
        Try Electron Microscopy Sciences
        Cat#52540-01 page 207

Jennifer MacDonald:
Sakura Finetek carries this product:
    Tissue Tek Slide Staining Set catalog # 4451
 You can order extra staining dishes,12/case:
    Green 4456
    White 4457
Sakura 1-800-725-8723

J.B.McCormick M.D. (the original designer!), Jennifer Harvey:
Allegiance #S7626-12 (1-800-964-5227)
***Dr. McCormick is also looking for a cast aluminum
hot plate and ice tray with a small paraffin pitcher in the set.

Tim Morken:
www.Thermoshandon.com for an updated version of this stain set-up, or page
55 of their catalogue.
http://www.mddepot.com/SearchDetail.cfm?ProdGroupID=553 carries other

Rick Marx, Mary Georger:
VWR Scientific - page 804 of the 2000/2001 catalog
Apple Scientific - www.applesci.com

***Original posting:
> Hello Everyone,
> On a visit to a histology lab I found these plastic upright staining jars
> (so the slides stain with the labels out of the fluid) that I have not
> been able to find anywhere else.  These jars are held in place by a rack,
> and the entire assembly looks like it was part of an autostainer.  I asked
> the technician about where they got it, but he said that the set-up has
> been there forever.   It says "Tissue Teck II" on it, but I still can not
> find it...
> If anyone uses the a similar assembly and can tell me where to order
> it I would greatly appreciate this.  Thank you.

Again, a big thank you to all who posted!

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