staffing questions

From:Robert Geske <>

Good Afternoon,

I would appreciate some data from those able and willing to share.  You may
respond on or off list -- your call.  The information will be kept
confidential if that is your desire. The information needed relates to
staffing questions.  Please answer the questions below:

1.  number of paraffin blocks processed, embedded, cut, and stained with H&E
per day (average number will do -- include all blocks --biopsy, surgicals,

2.  number of  certified or non-certified individuals that are needed to
complete the work outlined in #1 (include histology supervisory personnel
also, but do not include individuals who do not routinely contribute to that
work such as dedicated immunohistochemistry personnel)

3.  number of other  histology laboratory support individuals (dieners, lab
aids, etc --- but do not include individuals that are used only for grossing
or autopsy)

4.  number of pathologists to review the work outlined in #1 (include
residents if applicable)

5.  number of  transcriptionist and/or secretarial support staff

I need this data by tuesday afternoon.  I will put a table together and post
it on the list with numbers only, no institutions or specific individuals.
I understand there are other important catagories/issues that have an impact
on adequate staffing such as number of specials, IHC, frozens, etc. done per
day, but the data I need right now is for  routine work.

thanks to all in advance,


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