employment at MIT

From:Denise Crowley <dencrowl@MIT.EDU>

Hi all,
We are looking to increase our histology staff and I am posting this for
any interested histonetters.  While we are not specifically looking for
registered histotechs, we do need someone who is interested in doing
histology about 85% of the work week.  If you are interested in the
following position, please send your resume to me privately, please do not
reply to the Histonet.  Thanks, Denise

The Center for Cancer Research has a full-time position for an
histologist/research technician.  Will be responsible for routine tissue
processing, microtomy, cryotomy and H&E staining of animal tissues.  Duties
will also include assisting in transgenic research.

Requirements: undergraduate degree in biology, experience in conventional
histologic methods, and familiarity with "in vivo" models of disease.  Must
be able to work both independently and in conjunction with students and
postdoctoral fellows.  Must be able to prioritize and schedule workload
from several investigators.

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