Using antibodies in IHC made for ELISA and RIA applications

From:"D. Harclerode" <>

Greetings all,
I am looking for assistance in cleaning up ELISA antibodies for IHC use.  I
am trying to track IV drug distribution in a rat model. The antibodies sold
for drug detection are not optimized for use in tissues. Most are made in
sheep with a couple made in rabbits.   I have tried various blocking methods
before the antibody (T. blue, glycine and Sudan Black when it shows up) with
no improvement.  The tissue  show a huge crossreactivity in nuclei and many
other types of cells.  Pre adsorbing the antibody with sections of rat
kidney, heart and liver has shown some improvement, but I would appreciate
any other suggestions.

Thank you,
Donna Harclerode, HT, (ASCP), HTL, QIHC
Target Protein Technologies
5310 Nancy Ridge Dr
San Diego, CA 92191

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