Update on Morgan Dize

From:Lynn Gardner <lynn-gardner@uiowa.edu>

Dear Histonet,

Please check out the websit listed below for an update on Morgan Dize the
little girl we helped a couple of years ago when she was in a car accident
and the histonet and several organizations decided to set up a fund to help
out as her mother is  histotech.

Marvin Hanna was kind enough to set up these web sites to view the
pictures. So take a look at the progress our little friend is making!

<http://www.histosearch.com/morgan.html> about 100KB
<http://www.histosearch.com/morgan1.html> about 120KB

I hope that some of you remember almost two years ago. I sent out an email
requesting help for a little girl named Morgan Dize as her mother (Sabrina)
Lynn Dize ( a histotech) had sent out an unsubscribe notice saying she was
leaving the histonet due to her (then 5 year old) daughter being in a
serious car accident. 

For those of you who attended the NSH in Providence, Rhode Island I posted
the whole story with pictures on the bulletin board. The pictures were very
graphic and showed the seriousness of the injury to her brain.

Well, things are looking a little better obviously Morgan still has major
mental and physical problems from the accident, however, she is able to
walk or as her mom say run everywhere and will be starting more speech
lessons over the summer. She is very hyper at times but does now seem to
have times where she is content and can play more normally. She is in a
special education class where they work with her on all aspects of her
recovery. Recovery is very slow but she is alive and seems to be happy.

It is amaizing in itself that she even survived let alone is doing as well
as she is. She does however, have a long way to go. I want to thank
everyone who donated money and gifts to Morgan as it helped the family get
over some rough bumps in the road. 

I am sending out a couple of sets of pictures so please view them and know
we all helped a little bit toward a better tomorrow for Morgan and her
family. Thanks again everyone!

Lynn Gardner, HT(ASCP)

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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 01:40:29 -0500
To: Lynn Gardner <lynn-gardner@uiowa.edu>
From: Marvin Hanna <mhanna@histosearch.com>
Subject: Re: Morgan's Pictures

Hi Lynn,

I posted the pictures of Morgan on two web pages:
<http://www.histosearch.com/morgan.html> about 100KB
<http://www.histosearch.com/morgan1.html> about 120KB

They were a little dark (as is characteristic of scanned photos), so I ran
them through Photoshop (a software program) to brighten them up.

You can post a message to Histonet and reference these web pages. It's
great to see Morgan so happy after all she's been through.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Best Regards,


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