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If you really mean LARGE volumes, we are using big plastic
boxes by Tupperware. They are about 35 cm long x 25 cm
wide x 12 cm high and probably meant for layer cakes
originally. A tray is included that happens to have nice
ridges for slides. You can get trays separately and stack
about 3-4 of them in the box. This way you get at least 60-80
slides in the box. And as we are talking about Tupperware,
the lid of course is tight enough to keep moisture in :-)

Two drawbacks:
The box is originally transparent, so one
needs to cover it for light-sensitive applications.
Also I heard they no longer produce the box, so you need
to be quick if you want one.

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> Good Morning,
> Is there anyone out there that is still hand staining large volumes of
> Immunos? I am trying to locate the plastic humidity chambers that hold
> 10 slides each. If anyone has a contact could you please let me know? Also
> if anyone has a better idea let me know, I just got a request for 250
> :)
> Mary

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