Re: humidity chambers

From:"A. Erickson" <>

Mary_ I use polystyrene boxes with a hinged lid approximately 9x12
inches...they just fit in the small oven I use for secondary and fluoro.
chromagen incubations.  Cut a layer of paper towel or some absorbent
material to fit, then use applicator sticks or 5ml dispo pipets (cut to
fit) as slide supports.  These boxes come in several sizes, from our local
plastic supply outlet (called "storables")  cheaper than a scientific
supply house.  I have run up to 60 slides at a time.  Andra Erickson, UW

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Georger, Mary wrote:

> Good Morning,
> Is there anyone out there that is still hand staining large volumes of
> Immunos? I am trying to locate the plastic humidity chambers that hold about
> 10 slides each. If anyone has a contact could you please let me know? Also
> if anyone has a better idea let me know, I just got a request for 250 BrDU's
> :)
> Mary

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