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Jill,  Here is a copy of our procedure.  It is very simple and fairly quick 
when you heat the solution in the microwave. We perform this procedure about 
twice a week, so we keep a stock solution of the Alizarian Red S.  Give us a 
buzz if you have any questions.

We also have plenty of controls if you need one.

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Name:  Okajima's Stain

Purpose: To stain hemoglobin

Techniques: Cut paraffin sections at 4 to 5 microns.  Use control slide.


     10% Phosphomolybdic Acid - Stock (make fresh)
       Phosphomolybdic acid                 10.0 gm
       Distilled water                     100.0 ml

     7.7% Alizarin Red S - Stock  (shelf life: 1 year)
       Alizarin Red S  (C.I. #58005)         7.7 gm
       Distilled water                     100.0 ml

     Working Stain Solution:	shelf life: 10 hours
       10% Phosphomolybdic acid (stock)     10.0 ml
       7.7% Alizarin red S (stock)          30.0 ml
       Mix just before use.  Discard after use.

     Hematoxylin of choice


1. Deparaffinize and hydrate to water.
2. Place in 10% phosphomolybdic acid solution for 1 minute.
3. Wash in water.
4. Preheat 20 ml of working stain for 10 - 15 seconds in microwave.
   Add slides and stain for 10 minutes.
       (or 1-2 hours in non-heated solution)
5. Wash in water.
6. Counterstain in hematoxylin for 30 seconds - 1 minute (we use Gill's)
   (Follow whatever you normally do after your hematoxylin, but don't
    counterstain with Eosin!)
7. Dehydrate, clear, and coverslip with synthetic mounting medium.

Results: to orange red
            Background.....................reddish brown

References:  Sheehan, 2nd ed., pp. 216-217

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