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Dear Connie,

KLINIPATH bv in the Netherlands succesfully introduced an alternative to the
Sakura Coverslipping tape, KP TAPE.

Our US distributor Mercedes Medical in Sarasota (FL)
can provide you with samples for a trial. Besides a competitive pricing in
70 meter rolls (Sakura 60 metres) we have very good results in long time
storage. No problems with tape lifting from the slide after years in the
archive cabinets/rooms. Since early 1994 we have KP Tape coverslipped slides
in our office in top condition.

We also have some customerstatements in writing about the adhesive quality
after years of experience. Mercedes Medical can help you with all details
about our products and user guidelines.

We are sure that our KP tape is the answer to your problems are that a trial
with KP Tape proofs it in your lab.

Best regards,

Ronald Kusters
sales executive

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Subject: coverslipping film

| I'm in need of some imput from Histology folks who use automatic
| coverslipping machines. Ours is a Sakura model, using their brand of film.
| After using this unit for 10 years, we have begun to observe that the film
| is lifting off slides more than 5 years old. In some cases the film takes
| the tissue off with it. On many slides the only thing holding the film
| the slide is the original label we put on. It's a huge issue for us, as we
| do about 123,000 slides per year.
| If anyone is seeing this with their unit and old slides, please respond.
| Connie Probert, HTL (ASCP)
| Operations Coordinator
| Histology Lab

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