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The answer depends on how quickly you use up the antibody.  We operate a very busy IHC lab where we do not freeze any of our routine antibodies; everything is stored at 4 degrees C.  I do have some antibodies (directed against antigens that we do not get many requests for or ones that have a ridiculously high titer) that I keep frozen and thaw an aliquot when needed.  I also have antibodies that have been stored at 4 degrees C. for years (some over a decade) that work just as well now as they did when we first received them.  However, I do think that some lyophilized antibodies do not hold-up as well as serum (pAbs) or ascites (mAbs) when reconstituted.

R. Cartun

>>> Lynn McKee <> 06/01/01 11:16AM >>>
Dear Histonetters,

     We are getting ready to combine a research IHC, a clinical IHC, and a
molecular diagnostics lab into one grand and glorious lab. Our Director
asked me to "survey" the people of histoland for input. How do you aliquot
and store commercially produced antibodies. Preferably concentrate not pre
Thanks in advance for your input. You all are truly a valuable resource.

Lynn McKee
University of Cincinnati

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