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All commercial vendors should give instructions in their literature, or at
least via technical support, regarding long term storage of their reagents.
This is particularly critical and mandatory for clinical reagents.  Although
most should generally conform to the same conditions, there may be antibody
reagent-specific requirements.  You basically want to avoid long term storage
of predilutes, as they tend to deteriorate quickly with freezing.

The general rule in my lab was use the smallest possible aliquot, as after it
is diluted what is left over after use usually got pitched.  Non-self
defrosting freezer, at least at -4C (my preference was -70C).  I've had
concentrated Ab solutions remain stable for several years under those
conditions, but you might want to set up a schedule to periodically "QC"
stored samples vs. fresh.

Hope this helps.

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Lynn McKee wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
>      We are getting ready to combine a research IHC, a clinical IHC, and a
> molecular diagnostics lab into one grand and glorious lab. Our Director
> asked me to "survey" the people of histoland for input. How do you aliquot
> and store commercially produced antibodies. Preferably concentrate not pre
> dilutes.
> Thanks in advance for your input. You all are truly a valuable resource.
> Lynn McKee
> University of Cincinnati

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