Re: Snake bones

From:Barry Rittman <>

I had this problem with some bones that had been dried and defatted and then
needed to be decalcified. They were significantly more porous than those had
had either not been defatted and those that had been fixed. I do not know
but assume that these bones were significantly more porous and allowed the
demineralization to proceed at a faster pace. Also bubbles merely indicates
that a reaction is taking place. If using a strong acid could have
significant bubblage (hey if the newspaper can use winningest I can use
Could she please let us have a few more details, were bones fixed, were they
dried or defatted, what commercial solution she used, how long before she
noticed the problems?

Hermina Borgerink wrote:

> Good morning Histonetters,
> A friend of mine related the following and asked me if I knew anything
> about this phenomenon.  I replied to her that I did not, but that I knew
> where to go to find an answer!  One of her colleagues decalcified some
> snake bones in commercial acid decal recently.  The decal solution
> bubbled when the tissues were placed inside, and the container actually
> bulged.  She wonders if there is something different about smake bones
> that might cause this.  Anyone........?
> Thanks in advance.
> Hermina
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