Re: Response from Rudy on PSL

From:rudy gutierrez <>

Normally I only respond to equipment inquiries or chemical questions on the
Histonet.  So I apologize to anyone if I offend the core primary of the
Histonet on my response to everyone's question on my job transition.
                I received so many inquiries that responding to each one
would take some time, that I am a little limited on this resource at this
moment.    Yes,  I have left IMEB Inc and made a transition to Pacific
Southwest Lab Equipment.    I am excited with the integrity of the company
and team and the sincerity of the customer service provided by all the
people involved with PSL.   I think of PSL as a young Gateway of histology
equipment.   I want to thank all the clients and friends I made during my
time with IMEB Inc. and everyone that responded from the Histonet with
praises on the change and a genuine concern on the transition.


Rudy Gutierrez

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