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The Journal of Histotechnology/Vol.17, No2/June 1994 had an article by a
group at Texoma Pathology Foundation (Frieda Carson et al) regarding using
Zinc Isopropyl alcoholic unbuffered formalin as a post fixative.  We did
parallel studies with their procedure and were extremely pleased.  The
hospital has been using it ever since.  We had no problems with precipitates
or pigment.

Jennifer MacDonald

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> I sent this a couple of weeks ago but suspect, from the lack of replies, I
misaddressed it.
> This is particularly addressed to John K., who tells us:
> "You should not move a piece of tissue from a phosphate-buffered
> fixative into a zinc-formalin, because the zinc ions will make
> insoluble zinc phosphate as soon as they bump into phosphate ions
> derived from the perfused liquid."
> For those of us that love zinc fixation, but don't have it available other
than as a post-fixative for a few hours post cut-up when it is our turn on
surgicals, what are us poor boys to do?
> I know the problem and try to minimise it with a wash beforehand, but
realise that this is less than satisfactory.
> What is the way to go in these circumstances?
> Is an alcoholic zinc a better option?
> If so, what (non-commercial) formulation?
> Terry L Marshall
> Histopathologist
> Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

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