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    1 ml of pure (distilled) water = 1g at 20deg C & 1 atm pressure. Varying
temp and pressure will make a variation but a very subtle one. (so 500ul =
    I have calibrated pipettes this way, and I could send you the
calibration forms as an attachment privately (off histonet).
    I have found that it is cheaper to have a pipette service calibrate them
though. For us, we pay $15 per pipette to have them professionally serviced.
This university has quite a few pipettes, so I'm sure there is a deal there.
This includes a cleaning, replacement of worn gaskets, and a limited
warrantee. How much would you be paying a tech to make these measurements?
How long could you milk the clock in doing these measurements? I'd probably
be willing to pay twice that $15 service fee and still smile.
Amos Brooks

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> Does anyone know the acceptable range of "weights of water" used when
> calibrating pipettes?  For example the weight of 500 ul should be.....
> I am sure the reference is right in front of me but poor ventilation has
> destroyed many neurons.

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