Re: Little Survey...EM Wise (Flores, Teresa)

Leona, VA guidelines (I believe they are taken from CAP workload) states
150 cases for one EM tech. That would be approximately four cases a week?
This does not include immunofluorescense performance.
In our Diagnostic EM lab we process approximately 6 cases per week. Our lab
also does immunofluorescense studies on renal and skin biopsies.
Unfortuneatly we also wear a different hat and imput reports in the
computer, file, etc.
There are 1.5 techs in our EM Lab, as the .5 tech also does the muscle
enzyme studies also.

I just wanted to conduct a simple survey for the clinical or diagnostic EM
>>labs that are around...
>>Was curious to know how many biopsies are processed in the lab on a yearly
>>i.e. Renal Bx., Surgical Bx.
>>Trying to get an idea to see if we are as they say here overworked..
>>Here in the lab we do
>>We do approximately 700 cases a year with 2.5 people working in this lab...
>>How about you?
>Eric A. Rosen
>I run the research EM Core facility here, but my colleague in the
>Pathology dept.  told me just last week that she expects to hit 1,000
>samples this year.  the lab consists of her and an assistant.  They
>preview & shoot preliminary images of all samples prior to the
>pathologist seeing them..they do Renal biopsies almost exclusively
>(they run sample for hospitals other than ours). And yes, its far too
>mush work for just 2 people.
>Leona Cohen-Gould, M.S.
>Sr. Staff Associate
>Director, Electron Microscopy Core Facility
>Manager, Optical Microscopy Core Facility
>Joan & Sanford I. Weill Medical College
>of Cornell University
>voice  (212)746-6146
>fax (212)746-8175

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