Re: Great recommendation

Currently I know their website is undergoing update, but you can join their 
mailing list by contacting them, since they are just beginning to mail out 
letters to introduce their products and services.  I personally tried their 
services myself and I feel a tremendous satisfaction with their professional 
manner.  This is their contacting information:

Vivogenix Incoporated
585 Taylor Way, Suite #7
San Carlos, CA 94070
Tel: (650) 592-3036
Fax: (650) 592-2137

Sorry that I should have provided to you the last time.  Join their mailing 
list and know more about them.  I am a real life example now being their 
satisfying customer.  There is a gentleman named Jacky who had helped me so 
much there and he should be able to help you alot.  Go and ask for him.

Stony Brook, New York

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