Re: Fume Gard by Lerner Laboratories


Call Thermo Shandon at 1-800-245-6212 ext. 4013 and I will be able to
assist you.
Lerner Labs was purchased by Shandon quite some time ago. However we still
do manufacture and sell the Lerner products through our distributors. The
equivelant product is sold direct through Thermo Shandon ( formerly
Shandon, formerly Shandon Inc, Formerly Shandon Lipshaw,)

Best Regards,
Mark Lewis
Product Specialist
Thermo Shandon
1-800-245-6212 ext. 4013

                    Patsy Ann"           To:                             
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          >              "                               
                    06/05/01             cc:                             
                    11:51 AM             Subject:     Fume Gard by       
                                         Lerner Laboratories             

           We are reorganizing our lab and have inherited 3 Fume Gards
manufactured or sold by Lerner Laboratories in Stamford, CT.  While I have
filters to start out on, have no manuals to the machines and have tried
calling the number listed to no avail.  Does anyone know if they still
or have been bought out by someone else?  They were in working order when
put into storage.

           Patsy Dunn-Jena
           Indiana University School of Dentistry
> Mineralized Tissue and Histology Laboratory
> (317)274-0544

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