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From:Amos Brooks <>

    I use it VERY conservatively. It does seem to crack the blocks a little.
I try to do as little to a block as possible while cutting. The more that
you do the more possibilities there are of something going wrong.
    However ... there is always an exceptionally difficult block that you
are willing to throw caution to the wind and do whatever it takes to get a
section (soaking, freezing, praying, exorcising, having a seance whatever).
Generally I goof on co-workers for using it ... "Rookie!!!", I'm known to
call out. Believe me I get it back when I need to break the spray out.
    Another benefit to being conservative with freeze spray is that the
stuff is really expensive.
Amos Brooks

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>    Has anyone tried that Fisher Histofreeze spray for cutting parafin
> sections?  I've heard that it's bad news because it damages your tissue
> cracks your block.  Any ideas?

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