Re: Dry marking pens

From:Jeffrey S Crews <>

In my lab we used to whittle the points slightly with a razor blade and
that would re-start them if they still had ink. Just whittle to a new

On Thu, 07 Jun 2001 11:39:03 -0600 "Allen, Steven" <>
>I am finding that the tips on my solvent-resistant marking pens are 
>prone to
>drying out.  I may label a couple hundred slides and store the pen for 
>a few
>days.  I always secure the cap firmly and lay it down sideways.  When 
>I try
>to use the pen again, the tip won't flow ink even after repeated 
>writing.  I
>have tried getting the pen to write on slides and paper with no luck. 
>I have
>tried storing the pens with the tips pointing down with no luck.  Out 
>curiosity, I cut one of the bad pens in half and the cartridge inside
>appeared to still have ink.
>Can anybody offer me some advice on how to get the ink flowing again?
>Steve Allen
>Research Technologist
>Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
>Albuquerque, NM 

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