Re: Dried out rat livers, the bane of my existence

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Dear Rachel,

Do you have any residual liver/kidney tissue to go back to and process?  If
not, we have deprocessed tissues before by doing the following:  melt down
the blocks, put tissues through three changes of  xylene for about 20
minutes each, then three changes of absolute alcohol for 20 minutes each,
then 95%, 70% and re-process.  Your tissues will not be as good as new after
this process but it has aided us several times for capturing descent
sections.  Also, if the tissues on the slides have "parched earth" artifact
(cracking) sometimes it is not the tissue but the microtomist.  With murine
livers,kidneys, and adrenals blot the slides with a kimwipe to make sure all
residual water is away from the sections.  You may have already tried these
procedures, but they normally work well for us when we have dry/cracking


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> Hello all,
>    Anybody have a trick for rehydrating dried out murine tissue,
> livers and kidneys?
> Thanks,
> Rachel
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