Re: Dako Envision

From:Kimberly Carter <>

Debra- I would all absolutely try the Envision+ kit. I use them exclusively
when possible. Exceptions are when I use a anti- goat antibody then I
switch to the LSAB2.
The Envision+ does work as well as Dako proclaims. I use only the kit and
do not have to add any blocks on any antibody as of yet. Also I am able to
dilute my antibodies out about 7X more than the manufacturers
recommendations. I use various vendors for my antibodies, but they all work
much better with the Envision+. Any more questions, please write to me.

Kim Carter
Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbus, Ohio

Debra Lloyd wrote:

> I am currently using the Dako LSAB2 system on our Dako machines and am
> interested in the Envision+ system.  I would appreciate any feedback as
> to how well it works and if it's worth switching totally to Envision.
> Thanks,
> Billie Zimmerman MT
> Medical College of GA

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