Re: Daily Digest

From:william thoendel <>

Thanks for the response to my query about the Safety Manual that was posted 
last week... ssssooorrryyy that it was in Rich Text Format... thanks to all 
that were able to read it successfully....
We have been trying to compile a manual over the last months and have 
arrived at the fact that there is not enough time or manpower available to 
achieve a true safety manual!!!

What are the independent labs doing for annual safety training TOO??
Are there CD or online training available to comply with FedRegs?
We have become independent from a national laboratory unit which was able to 
provide all these services...

Thanks for all the histology Tips on Technology that EVERYONE has provided 
on this site.... everyone keep up the good work....

Bill Thoendel, MT(ASCP)
Pathology Medical Services
Norfolk, Nebraska

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