RE: returning tissue blocks to relatives

From:Connie McManus <>

Picture this:   all those returned organs in formalin tubs, paraffin blocks
and glass slides under a funeral wreath... 

Just a dark thought on this friday afternoon..

Connie McManus (you may slap me after I'm finished with myself).

At 11:03 AM 6/1/01 +0100, wrote:
>Yes, we have parted with a few. The answer to the question is that it
enables the relatives to complete their period of grief/mourning when these
have been buried or cremated. Yes, the NHS, the most underfunded health
service in what used to be civilisation is paying for the burials too.
>If you think this is total bullshit, so do I.
>Terry L Marshall
>Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire
>I am disturbed by the suggestion from the U.K. that tissue blocks from
>autopsies be returned to relatives of the deceased.
>I cannot see what use the tissue blocks from an autopsy would be to
>Taking them out of the pathology lab system seems to be a formula for ending
>all academic research in human pathology.
>Allen A. Smith, Ph.D.
>School of Graduate Medical Sciences
>   Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
>Barry University
>Miami Shores, Florida
Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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