RE: humidity chambers

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I will second the Tupperware solution particularly for those who need to
keep cost down. You can pick the box size(s) you want. For the support tray,
I bought those 2' x 4' plastic grids with little squares, originally
designed for fluorescent light covers in drop ceilings, and cut them to fit
the box. This provides unform support no matter how you arrange the slides
in the box.


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If you really mean LARGE volumes, we are using big plastic
boxes by Tupperware. They are about 35 cm long x 25 cm
wide x 12 cm high and probably meant for layer cakes
originally. A tray is included that happens to have nice
ridges for slides. You can get trays separately and stack
about 3-4 of them in the box. This way you get at least 60-80
slides in the box. And as we are talking about Tupperware,
the lid of course is tight enough to keep moisture in :-)

Two drawbacks:
The box is originally transparent, so one
needs to cover it for light-sensitive applications.
Also I heard they no longer produce the box, so you need
to be quick if you want one.

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