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not specifically addressing the questions I've posed. checked.
recent discussion focused more on xylene/alcohol recycling (been there, done that). most relevant information in histonet archives dates back to 9/99.
for those uninterested in the topic or bored of repeats please use your delete button.
I would like to assess how much effort is required to get recycled formalin back into use. would appreciate hearing from those who are doing this daily.

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That was quite an active topic on this list just in the last two weeks.


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>Subject: formalin recycling
> I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with 
>formalin (formaldehyde ) recycling.
>I would like to learn what available instrumentation is the most 
>reliable and convenient to use , as well as how much effort is 
>needed to re-dilute and buffer the reclaimed product, in order to 
>decide if formalin recycling is a viable option for us. if anyone 
>has had particularly bad experiences with formalin recycling or a 
>particular instrument, please share off list if you are not 
>comfortable doing so publicly.
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