RE: Synaptophysin Concentrate

From:Jeff Gordon <>

Mr. Cartun,

"The best on the market" is an opinion based on the quality of the
antibody staining, longevity of the antibody, and the cost efficiency of
the volume of the antibody.  It is an opinion based on several factors,
but again, it is an opinion, and it is one that I invite anyone to

Although the original message was mistakenly sent to the histonet
instead of directly to Mr. Avery (who requested the information), I
still stand behind my statement and have full confidence in the quality
of this and all other Cell Marque antibodies.

Jeff Gordon
Cell Marque Corp.

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Subject: RE: Synaptophysin Concentrate

Dear Mr. Gordon at Cell Marque Corporation:

What justification do you have for saying that your synaptophysin
antibody "is the best on the market"?  Has it been evaluated against
other commercially available antibodies?  Is there a reference in a
peer-reviewed medical journal that allows you to make this statement?

R. Cartun

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