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DAKO makes a great mounting media for can coverslip AEC or
DAB with it.............It's called Faramount.    We like it alot.   Dries
quickly at room temp.   No special drying or recoverslipping required.

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> Try one of the newer liquid mounting medias for chromogens sensitive to
> solvents, like BCIP/NBT, or AEC, it is supposed to work for fluorescence
> but I have not used it for that application.
> You add a drop directly onto a section coming out of water, making sure it
> covers sections, dry it overnight or in an 60C oven for 15 min.  It can be
> viewed quickly with latter, but let it stand overnight for total drying,
> THEN add a glass coverslip with permanent mounting media over the top of
> this dried mounting media covering your section.   
> You can do this with DAB or AEC, a joy!  Fisher Scientific sells Crystal
> Mount from Biomeda,
> or you can buy this from Biogenex, Shandon, and probably others. 
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