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From:Richard N Powell <>

Hi Mike,

I could only find one useful document doing a quick search

This is a well organised overview and may be helpful. I will have a look at
our mortuary safety manual to-morrow and if it is suitable will post it onto
the Hoslink downloadable manuals page.  Pathology
Downloads under the Path menu tab.........


Richard Powell

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From: Mike Kirby []
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Subject: Mortuary safety

Dear Histonetters.

Help a Haematologist in distress! As Safety Officer for our Organisation, I
been asked to draw up safety guidelines for working in a mortuary! I've got
some basic ideas on the scheme of things but would appreciate some help to
fill in the "nitty-gritty".
	Any one out there have a S.O.P/protocol to spare, or is there a Web site
that I could view?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Kirby
South Africa

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