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Methyl Blue and Light Green are very similar size - molecular weights are
nearly identical.  Their shapes are a little different.  Methyl Blue is a
symmetrical, propellor-like shape, while Light Green is more like the
stylized seagull-in-the-air of seaside drawings.  Light Green also has a
greater variety of substituent groups, suggesting it will stain a greater
variety of tissues/cells/structures.
Adrian Leek,
CytoLogix Corp.
Cambridge, MA, USA.

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Subject: Ground bone sections - 2nd thoughts

 Hi all,

thanks for your responses and thoughts regarding my staining 
problems. I've had another thought that those chemistry people out 
there could comment on. What effect would H202 have on 
phosphomolybdic acid - could it be this reaction that is causing the 
ppt on  my sections?

secondly - what is the respective dye molecule size of methyl blue 
and light green ? Is there soemwhere on the web wher this info 
would be accessible?

Thanks again


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