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   I agree, for almost three and half years I did not have computer access
at work. I have AOL at home and I DO like it.  I used AOL to get Histonet at
home because it was the only means I had of getting Histonet.  When I was
given computer access at work, I closed Histonet at home and put it at work
where it belonged. Histonet is work related and took up too much of my home
time on AOL. Just because I was on AOL did not mean I was not a
Histotechnologist. Amos, you on the other hand like to take the time at home
to read Histonet. So we differ on our views, and we differ on our means of
receiving Histonet. Any server is can be used to get Histonet like you said,
we all do not have computer access at work or a lot of money for high priced
computer stuff.
    Gail Macke,HTL 2/15/1985 & HT since 2/15/1980(since I have used AOL, if
need be I'll give my ASCP numbers)
    (Shriners Hospitals-Cincinnati, Ohio-- Not my usual signing as this is
MY opinions and not the hospitals)

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Hi Vinnie,
    Just a little point that I think really should be emphasized. Just
because someone posts from an AOL address doesn't mean that they are "rogue
techs". You can get good information from people that don't use a
or e-mail address. I like to get my histonet e-mail at home. I
really don't have time in my busy lab to devote to e-mail.
    I do however agree that since this is an open list, it is vulnerable to
unscrupulous misuse by many. I just wanted to interject the possibility of a
valid use of AOL or another common server. (Although I couldn't consionably
recommend using AOL ... YUCK!)
Amos Brooks
(not a rogue)


Facilities do not use AOL as their email server. Individuals who are
appropriately affiliated often have access to the facility's email system.
Those who do not have authorization to use the facility email and choose to
use personal email should NEVER make statements that imply the position of
the facitly

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