RE: Collagen XI antibody/ processing a cell suspension for paraff in embedding.

i use collagen IX and X from the U of Iowa Hybridoma Bank but have not heard
of collagen XI
Patsy Ruegg

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Subject: Collagen XI antibody/ processing a cell suspension for paraffin


   Anyone know of a scource commercial or private for an antibody against 
Collagen XI. I've looked at all the usuall "suspects". 

    Also, I saw in Dr. Carson's histo book a technique using millipore 
filters to form a container for cells in suspension. and then processing
into said to inject the cells into the "bag"; has anyone done 
this....I would like to try it...but doesn't the needle puncture the
not enuf for the cells to leak out? .... do you know other ways ....I 
sometimes will embed in agar/cells, but sometimes I worry about the warm
harming the cells. This technique was for particles/cells that do not stay
a pelleted form.   
    Thanks in advance, 

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