Potentially OT---RE: returning tissue blocks to relatives

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Coincidental that you should bring up the NHS.  I just listened to an
interesting report about the "state of the NHS" on NPR (national public
radio) this morning.  Didn't sound like everything was going too well.  Good
luck to you who endure this system.  I've included a link below for those
who may have missed it.


British Healthcare (14.4 | 28.8) -- NPR's Julie McCarthy reports on the
decline of Britain's
                            national health care system and the impact it's
having on the upcoming election for prime
                            minister. Once among the world's best, Britain's
hospitals are now criticized for their
                            understaffing and unsanitary conditions. (5:15)


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> Yes, we have parted with a few. The answer to the question is that it
> enables the relatives to complete their period of grief/mourning when
> these
> have been buried or cremated. Yes, the NHS, the most underfunded health
> service in what used to be civilisation is paying for the burials too.
> If you think this is total bullshit, so do I.
> Terry L Marshall
> Histopathologist
> Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire
> I am disturbed by the suggestion from the U.K. that tissue blocks from
> autopsies be returned to relatives of the deceased.
> I cannot see what use the tissue blocks from an autopsy would be to
> relatives.
> Taking them out of the pathology lab system seems to be a formula for
> ending
> all academic research in human pathology.
> Allen A. Smith, Ph.D.
> School of Graduate Medical Sciences
>    Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
> Barry University
> Miami Shores, Florida

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