OT Re: Virus.

From:Amos Brooks <amosbrooks@home.com>

    Now I didn't even need to look this one up... It is absolutely
impossible for a virus to cause hardware damage. It might reset your
settings and preferances. But, if you ever hear of a virus that reportedly

    "destroy your memory, sound card and speakers, your drive and it will
infect your mouse or pointing device as well as your keyboards, making it so
that you can't type and it will not register on the screen."

    ... or any such thing it is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that it is a hoax.
    I really appreciate your good intentions in this warning. Don't think I
am angry in any way. I just think it is important for people to know a few
tip - offs to let them know what is a hoax.
thank you
Amos Brooks


Subject: FW: Virus.
Please delete any messages received as "Upgrade Internet"
Virus with no cure. <<SNIP>>

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