Mounting media woes

From:Gayle Callis <>

Try one of the newer liquid mounting medias for chromogens sensitive to
solvents, like BCIP/NBT, or AEC, it is supposed to work for fluorescence
but I have not used it for that application.

You add a drop directly onto a section coming out of water, making sure it
covers sections, dry it overnight or in an 60C oven for 15 min.  It can be
viewed quickly with latter, but let it stand overnight for total drying,
THEN add a glass coverslip with permanent mounting media over the top of
this dried mounting media covering your section.   

You can do this with DAB or AEC, a joy!  Fisher Scientific sells Crystal
Mount from Biomeda,
or you can buy this from Biogenex, Shandon, and probably others. 

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